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Own a car for just 99 cents?

Yes!! With Rent and Own anything is possible. Contact us to know more.

Drive for personal use?

 Please do! The car is yours to use 24/7, predominantly for business, and of course the occasional personal use.

Referral Programmes?

Yes, we do! We have a $50 discount for both, the referred and the referee.

Documents Needed?

Driver’s licence Proof of address Your passport or citizenship certificate Driving history

Credit History required?

No. Any and every history is considered in the application.

Hidden Charges?

No we don’t. There are no hidden charges and the transcations of our company are absolutely transparent.

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What are the requirements for the Rent plus Own plan?
  • Must be 21 years old.

  • Have a current valid Australian driver’slicense. 

  • Be an approved rideshare driver.

  • Driving History should be clear.

What is a member catch-up?
  • It’sa session dedicated to help you grow. They are scheduled annually. At yourcatch-up, your Rent and Own employee will analyse your strategy and help youimprove your earning and your driver rating with coaching and training tailored toyour lifestyle.

What are the requirements for the Rent plus Own plan?
  • Must be 21 years old.

  • Have a current valid Australian driver’slicense. 

  • Be an approved rideshare driver.

  • Driving History should be clear.

   What cars do you offer?
  • Must be 21 years old. Please refer to our Ride Share platform.(Mention Link)

Is the paperwork included?
  • All cars come with the state-specific documentation up-to-date, so they’re ready for driveaway.

Is servicing included?
  • No, service is not included in our plans. You have the choice to get your cars serviced on your own but we require a tab of all your servicing details.

Is a maintenance pack included in this package?
  • No, a maintenance pack is not included with this package. Our plan is flexible and hence it gives you the choice to maintain the expenses at your own discretion. However we can include a package according to your choice, but the rental cost will vary accordingly.  

What if I get a flat tyre?
  • You can call the roadside assistant of your respective insurance company to fix this problem.

How much does it cost to become a Rent plusOwn plan member?
  • The weekly subscription charge varies depending on the car you choose. It might cost as little as $179 or as much as $359. ( inc GST). This covers a weekly distance of 1,000 kilo metres . We make a direct charge to the debit or credit card you choose. This charge not only covers the delivery of your car and gives you access to our member privileges for the duration of your membership, but it also covers the cost of background and credit checks, as well as the processing of your application.

What does the weekly fee cover?
  • Aside from the automobile subscription, the charge includes registration and other car-related paperwork, as well as your car's regular maintenance and the maintenance pack mentioned above

How much can I drive?
  • Your subscription includes a weekly driving allowance of 1,000 kilo metres. For every extra mileage, we levy a $10 per km early ownership fee, which pushes your agreement's end date forward. To put it another way, the more you drive, the faster you'll be able to fully own the vehicle. If you drive your Mitsubishi Outlander for 1,500 kilo metres per week, you'll be charged a$50 early ownership fee. That $50 payment gets you one day closer to buying your car ($359 divided by seven days = $51.29).You can reduce the length of your 4-year Flexi membership by up to 52 weeks in this way, allowing you to own your automobile as soon as 3 years.

When do I pay?
  • Wecharge your nominated debit or credit card every Wednesday night for the following week (Monday-Sunday).

What happens if I miss a payment?
  • For any missed payments, we incur a $40 late fee. Please notify your Member Success Representative as soon as possible if you believe you will miss a payment. We'll work with you to come up with a payment plan that works for both of us.

If I take a break, do I need to pay thejoining fee again?
  • Yes, you need to pay the full joining fee again.

Is there a minimum subscription period?
  • Yes ,we have a 26-week minimum subscription period with 4 weeks’ notice.