simple   Process

How It Works

We have a very easy rental and hiring process as compared to others. It’s a simple 4 steps process: 

01. Choose a car

Choose your vehicle according to your budget and need.

02.Sign the contract

Submit all required documents and sign the RENTPLUSOWN contract.

03. Start Earning

Signup with us. Congrats, you're on your way to earning!!!

04. Own with Pride

Complete the contract duration and payments. Own the car with pride. Be sure to drive safely!

Submit and Become a member

  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of address
  • Your passport
  • Driving history

Rent plus Own Plan

We have flexible plan suiting all types of customers. Our weekly fee ranges from $179/Wk. - $359/Wk. with rates subject to market changes. With our Rent Plus Own plan, we believe in the idea of owning the car while renting it. To achieve this idea, we provide the facility to own your rented car with a little addition in the weekly rental prices. Drive for rideshare companies like Uber, where drivers can earn up to $1500 or more per week.

Here’s your chance to proudly own your dream car!! Contact us.